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Florissant Police Department Neighborhood Watch Registration Form

Public Information Unit
1700 N. Highway 67
Florissant, MO 63033


Please fill out.  For further information contact P.O. Steve Michael at 314-830-6042 or

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Once a person has decided to take on the role of being a Block Captain they become the go between for their neighborhood and the Florissant Police Department. They commit to the responsibility for organizing their neighborhood to “Take a Stand” against criminal activity.
Here are a few recommendations for a Block Captain to follow once committed to the position.
• Select the area you will cover, normally no more than 10-15 homes. Try to keep your group small. It will make your meetings more manageable to ensure their success.
• Contact the residents in your surrounding neighborhood. Preferable door-to-door.
• Explain the purpose of your visit and describe the purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program.
• Seek their commitment to be an active partner explaining the importance of neighbors watching out for each other.
• Make list of those residents willing to participate, Name, address, phone numbers (home and work), and if possible an email address.